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Nasa Quest has a wide range of free online tools and resources for teachers, students and parents. The materials, which are oriented toward math and science, include web and print lessons, educator guides and workbooks.

Kids Astronomy is a website designed to teach children about outer space.

Amazing Space is a site devoted to the Hubble Space Telescope and its discoveries. Materials include various classroom resources.

The National Science Foundation is a U.S. government organization that supports all fields of science and engineering except medicine. A wide range of science and technology-oriented materials are available at this site. Funded science and technology opportunities for teachers also can be found.

Try Engineering contains a cornucopia of career information and job opportunities for students with a potential interest in engineering. The site also has a number of lesson plans available that will allow teachers to incorporate demonstrations of engineering principles into their coursework.

The Astronaut Scholarship Organization, while not a full-time educational organization, does seek to educate children about space, science and technology. And, as the name implies, it provides a number of scholarships to students enrolled in college-level science and engineering programs.

AAA Math Once you get past the display advertisement by clicking on a grade level or subject area, this site offers explanations about variety of math topics, as well as practice problems and math-oriented computer games.

Funbrain is another site that offers a variety of computer games that allow students to hone their math skills. Students can set the level of toughness for each of the games, which means that students of all capabilities can be challenged by this site.

The Franklin Institute website is a great science and technology resource for students and educators. Besides covering subjects related to the Institute's holdings, the website also is a great aggregator of science and technology news and information.

Surfing The Net With Kids is a true aggregator that includes directories of games as well as site reviews. It is a great portal to finding what you and your children, or students, may want on the web.